Love Into Hate

(July 7, 2013 at 1:26am)

Say I don’t know why you left, and you know that ain’t the truth
And then you blame it all on your age and my overgrown youth
Blame is on me for wanting to be frisky and asking too much of you
But really all I ever wanted to do was to avoid having these blues

Now I realize all your love was in vain, I just realized it all too late
I was nothing more than a hopeless romantic believing in false fate
I don’t have enough love to give the animals you left me with in vain
Finally coming to my senses understanding you never felt the same

Turn love into hate just to help you fight
That helps you sleep through the night
In the morning you still can’t see the light
Having convinced yourself that it’s right

Convincing yourself what you’re doing is what needs to be done
Trying to forget stomping down the hall with the loaded shotgun
This is the best place to get it done the safety’s off to shoot the gun
Or even better yet I should just go and take a handful of Ambien

Yet l’m still not running down the hallway to go and comfort you
Just another day of the same old nothing you ever do is new
Let’s have some mundane play-time and pretend that it’s cool
Then of course if you don’t like that I can just blame it all on you

Turn love into hate just to help you survive
Nothing you could do can make it feel right
Sun comes up you still can’t stand in the light
Just remember I’m here willing to make it right


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